Need a Personal Injury Lawyer California because of a Texting Truck Driver?

Texting and truck driving don’t mix. Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons why truck accidents happen in California. Because of the size of a truck, a texting accident that leads to a truck vs. truck, truck vs. car, truck vs. bike or motorcycle, or truck vs. pedestrian scenario is going to result in a devastating outcome.

California has banned all drivers from texting and talking on mobile devices while driving, but that doesn’t mean they actually stop. An Orange County Attorney sees a lot of these accidents. All it takes is a few seconds with the eyes off of the road and a catastrophic accident occurs. 


Types of Texting while Driving Accidents

cause they caused an accident in the midst of the act, there are some types of accidents that are more common than others. Despite the type of accident, the results are always devastating. Below you will find some of those common texting while driving accident types.

Blind Spot Accidents

Every vehicle has a blind spot around the sides and back. The blind spots of trucks are especially difficult to deal with. When a car is in the blind spot of the truck, the truck driver may change lanes or make a turn, colliding with the car. If a truck driver is texting and they change lanes or make a right turn, then they can cause an accident. This type of accident is already the leading cause of bicycle accident deaths in the U.S. These statistics are higher in coastal areas where more people ride bicycles.

Not Enough Stopping Distance

If eyes are not on the road and it is time to come to a stop, the truck driver may not leave enough stopping distance. A personal injury lawyer has seen this type of accident time and time again. The result is the truck rear-ending a smaller vehicle and almost always totaling it.


Driving Left of Center

If a truck driver is texting while driving, they can drift out of their lane. This is very bad for someone who may be passing the truck driver. This runs the passing car off the road. If driving left of center occurs in an area where the passing car may have nowhere to go, the car could be easily squeezed between the truck and a barrier, crushing the vehicle. Factor in a high speed and the accident becomes more serious.

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Holding Negligent Truck Drivers Accountable

A car accident lawyer Orange County can help you hold the negligent truck driver accountable. Cell phone records, witness statements, and the details of the accident itself can prove that a truck driver was texting and driving. Your attorney will be able to pull all of the facts to try and negotiate a settlement. If settlement talks are not successful, then the case can go to trial. Your attorney can also name more than just the truck driver in the case, such as the trucking company who employed the driver. The idea is to maximize compensation so you can move forward with healing.